"An Unconventional Stock Screener That Gives You More Control"

Written by John DeCamp Sun. 7/14/2013 - 4:39PM.

There are countless stock screeners on the web that allow you to input your preferred limits for various company financial values. These screeners return a list of companies that met your values and are valuable tools to find good stocks worthy of further research.
My three favorite stock screeners are:

Barchart.com US Exchanges 52 Week Lows
Provides a daily list of stocks hitting a new 52 week low in today’s trading session. http://www.barchart.com/stocks/low.php

FinViz.com Stock Screener
Interactive screener that allows you to input your preferred limit values for over 60 financial value and performance criteria. http://www.finviz.com/screener

Interactive screener similar to FinViz. http://www.trade-ideas.com/StockInfo

I use each of these screeners several times a week to find any stocks that may be worth adding to my watchlist on Yahoo Finance. But, there are two shortcomings with all of these web stock screeners:

1. They only return stocks that meet the specific criteria limits I entered. Any other company that just barely missed my limits does not show in the results and I have to guess at which limit to change in order to incrementally add more companies to the list returned by the screener.

2. Since they only return the few companies that meet my current target limits, they are not able to show or compare financial values for any other companies that DO NOT meet my limits.

So, I wrote my own spreadsheet screener, StockEvaluator.xls that is available for free download at www.ultimatestockfinder.com/stockevaluator.xls

StockEvaluator spreadsheet contains 17 fundamental values for over 2,400 stocks and has user controlled target limits for each of these values that turn each company financial cell red if it does not meet your target limit. Sort on RED cell count per company to see who has the least amount of red cells, which means they meet most of your limits. Other Sorting macros let you sort on several key values (P/E, Dividend %, Current Price % Above 52 Week Low, Industry, Daily Price Volatility, etc.) to bring the best companies to the top. You can also mark any companies you are interested in so they will sort to the top for easy viewing and comparison. All data is updated at the end of each trading week.

View of StockEvaluator.xls

Getting started using StockEvaluator.xls
1. In Col. C, cells C2 to C18 contain “Field Names” for the 17 key financial values that are tracked for each company. In Col. E, Input your target Max. or Min. value for each of these values.
2. Each of these Col. C “Field Names” matches to a column heading in Row 19 and 20. Each company value cell will turn RED if it contains a value that does not meet the Max. or Min. value shown in Col. E.
3. Col. L contains the sorting macros that allow you to sort on various key financial values. You can use the push buttons in Col. L or use the Ctrl-_ keyboard shortcuts to activate these macros.

My favorite stock screened view from StockEvaluator.xls is called “Short List”, and is run at the end of each week and posted on www.ultimatestockfinder.com. This view shows all companies that are less than 5% above their “52 Week Low” AND have less than 5 RED Cells. For me, this is the “Best of the Best” list of companies that I need to research further to see if I should place a buy order.

View of StockEvaluator.xls “Short List”

On typical weeks, “Short List” only has 10 to 15 companies, with red cells counts ranging from 1 to 4. At the next big market drop, I am hoping “Short List” will have 80 to 100 companies with more choices having only 1 or 2 red cells. This will mean more high quality fundamentally strong companies near their 52 week lows to choose from.

Here are the 17 Key Financial Values tracked in the StockEvaluator spreadsheet:
1. Current Stock Price $
2. 52 Week Low Stock Price $
3. Annual Sales $
4. Price / Earnings Ratio
5. Price / Sales Ratio
6. Price / Book Value
7. Profit Margin %
8. Quarterly Cash Flow $
9. Dividend %
10. Enterprise Value / Revenue
11. Enterprise Value / EBITDA
12. Total Debt / Equity %
13. Goodwill + Intangibles / Equity %
14. Dividend Payout Ratio %
15. 1 Year Revenue Growth %
16. Insider Ownership %
17. ( Profit Margin % + Dividend % ) / (Price / Book Value)

John DeCamp is founder, chief market analyst and webmaster of Ultimate Stock Finder.

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