1. Download Current Stock Evaluator Spreadsheets

StockEvaluator.xls for Microsoft Excel

'Short List' Screener for company stocks that meet these criteria:

  1. Annual Sales Revenue > $100 Million
  2. Average Daily Share Trading Volume > 5,000
  3. Price / Earnings < 20
  4. Price / Sales < 3
  5. Price / Book Value < 4
  6. Profit Margin > 0%
  7. Enterprise Value / Revenue < 2.5
  8. Enterprise Value / EBITDA < 8.0
  9. Debt / Equity < 95%
  10. Goodwill / Equity < 80%
  11. Revenue Growth > -10%
  12. Current Price < 7% Above 52 Week Low
  13. Dividend > 0.5%
  14. Dividend Payout Ratio <90%

See our Training Videos below to learn how to Change our 'Short List' screener limit values to be YOUR preferred limit values

Pre-Sorted on Stocks with Lowest Red Cell Count

Pre-Sorted on Current Stock Price Near 52 Week Low

'Volatility' >2%, Current Price <5% Above 52 Week Low, Profit>0%

'Big Monthly Drop' Stocks with good fundamentals that dropped more than 10% over the past month

Full 30Mb version with all RCH Stock Market Function formulas

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2. Stock Evaluator Training Article and Web Look-Up Formulas

Why Use Stock Evaluator.xls? And How to Use It.

EXCEL Stock Market Functions Add-In (Yahoo Group explains how the RCH SMF functions work to Look up and Populate live web data to your spreadsheet)

EXCEL Stock Market Functions Add-In (Website that contains the RCH SMF Add-In and all supporting files)

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3. Stock Evaluator Training Videos

How To use 'Stock Evaluator' Spreadsheet

Video for How To Do A 'Row-by-Row' Comparison

How To Use Stock Evaluator 'Short List' Screener

Change 'Short List' Stock Screener to Use Your Own Limit Values

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4. Good Customizable Stock Screeners

FinViz.com Stock Screener with 'Short List' Limits

FinViz.com Stock Screener with 'Volatility List' Limits

Google Finance Stock Screener with Customizable Limits

Y Charts.com Fundamentals Chart with Long Term Trends for P/E,P/S,etc.

Trade Ideas High Volatility Screener Searches for Stocks with Large Daily $ Ranges

S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Companies with 25 Years in a Row of Increased Dividends

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5. Lists of Preferred Stocks

Dividend Yield Hunter Preferred Stock Tutorial and Short List of Preferred Stocks

Dividend.com Very Long List of Preferred Stocks

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6. Stock Evaluator Archives

View Old Stock Evaluator Spreadsheets for Stocks that had Buyouts & Spin-Offs

View Archived Stock Evaluator Spreadsheet from July 4, 2014

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