1. Download Current Mutual Fund Evaluator Spreadsheets

'Short List' Screener for mutual funds that meet these criteria:

  1. Current Price < 5% Above 52 Week Low
  2. Red Cell Count < 6
  3. Annual Expense Ratio < 1%
  4. 10 Year Return > 7.5%
  5. Number of Years Up > 9
  6. Front End Sales Load < 0.1%
  7. Minimum Initial Investment < $20,000

See our Training Videos below to learn how to Change our 'Short List' screener limit values to be YOUR preferred limit values

Fully Functional Computer Friendly version with Macros for Sorting Data

Full 10Mb version with all RCH Stock Market Function formulas

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2. Mutual Fund Evaluator Training

How To use 'Mutual Fund Evaluator' Spreadsheet

How To use Mutual Fund Evaluator 'Row-by-Row' Comparison

How To use Mutual Fund Evaluator 'Auto Filter' Fund Screener

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3. Good Customizable Mutual Fund Screeners

Change the screening limits to match your goals

Zacks Mutual Fund Screener

Yahoo Finance Mutual Fund Screener

Wall Street Journal Mutual Fund Screener

CNBC Mutual Fund Screener

MarketWatch Mutual Fund Screener - Best Performers at 15 years

ETF Channel.com Key Stats and Net Asset Values for ETF's

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4. Summary View of Excellent No-Load Funds

Spreadsheet of No-Load Funds Averaging >10% Return for Past 10 years

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5. 25 Year Comparison of Funds v.s. S&P 500

Spreadsheet Comparing 5 to 25 Year Total Return of S&P 500 to Other Funds

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6. Competitive Funds Cross Reference Look-Up

Vanguard Competitor Fund Cross Reference Look-Up

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