1. Tools & Facts for Individual Investors

CALL & PUT Options Premium % Return(Sort & Compare)Spreadsheet

CALL & PUT Options Return Calculator Spreadsheet

Implied Volatility Calculator for Options

Compute Total Average Return for a Single Mutual Fund for Any Time Frame

Current List of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Stock Holdings

See How Expense Ratios Over Time Take Huge Bites Out of Your Returns

Annuities for Dummies - Tips for Deciding on an Annuity

Annuity FAQ's and Answers from CNN Money

Annuity Calculator - Compare Annuity Returns, Expenses and Death Benefit v.s. Managing It Yourself>

Schwab Annuity Example - Returns, Expenses & Death Benefit from Schwab Pacific Life

Compare Your Self Managed Investment Returns v.s. Contributing to a Term Life Insurance Policy

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2. Helpful Training Articles

Excellent Motley Fool Article - 5 Basic Rules Teach You 90% of Successful Investing

Article by Mark Hulbert - Corporate Profit Margins and Stock Prices will Revert to the Mean Sooner or later

How to use PUTs and CALLs to Minimize Risk and Increase Profit on Each Buy and Sell

How to Use Debit Call Spreads to Minimize Risk and Make Small Low Risk Profits

3 Key Signs of a Market Top

Excellent Long Term Mutual Funds in 4 Categories

Preferred Stocks: Good Yield, Low Risk - Why a Buy & Hold Investor Should Consider Them

Understanding Closed End Funds - MarketWatch article

Understanding Closed End Funds - Reuters article

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3. Investment Tracker and Budget/Ledger Spreadsheets

Personal Investment Tracker Spreadsheet - All Your Holdings in One Place

Budget / Ledger Spreadsheet - Make a budget & track how well you are doing

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4. Stock Evaluator & Mutual Fund Evaluator Training Articles & Videos

Why Use Stock Evaluator.xls? And How to Use It.

Training Video for How To use 'Stock Evaluator' Spreadsheet

How To Do A Stock Evaluator 'Row-by-Row' Comparison

How To use Stock Evaluator 'Short List' Stock Screener

Change 'Short List' Stock Screener to Use Your Limit Values

Video for How To use 'Mutual Fund Evaluator' Spreadsheet

How To Do A Mutual Fund Evaluator 'Row-by-Row' Comparison

How To use Mutual Fund Evaluator 'Auto Filter' Fund Screener

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5. Information on Taxes for Investors

Qualifying Income for IRA Contributions

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6. Links to Free and Fee Based Websites for Individual Investors

Investor.gov by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) (FREE)

D2D "Doorways to Dreams" Savings Innovations for Lower-Income Consumers (FREE)

American Association of Individual Investor (Fee based)

American Association of Retired Persons (Fee based)

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7. List & Comparison of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Holdings

Current List of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Stock Holdings

Stock Evaluator 'Row-by-Row' Comparison spreadsheet of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Stock Holdings

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