Stock Evaluator and Mutual Fund Evaluator Spreadsheet data was last updated on: March 25, 2017 (StockEvaluator only)

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For Fundamental Value stock market investors, Ultimate Stock Finder provides our FREE "StockEvaluator" spreadsheet & screener (.xls for Microsoft Excel) with financial and performance information for over 3,700 companies. You can quickly screen for stocks that meet your custom screening limits and then run 'Row-by-Row' comparisons for as many stocks as you like.

Or improve your 401K by using our FREE "MutualFundEvaluator" spreadsheet & screener that contains financial and performance information for over 1,600 mutual funds. You can quickly find good mutual funds that meet your personal screening limits and then run 'Row-by-Row' comparisons for as many mutual funds as you like.

Let us know if you want a company or fund added to either of our Evaluators, and we will add it.
Financial values in Stock Evaluator and Mutual Fund Evaluator spreadsheets are updated weekly.
Financial data in Ultimate Stock Finder's spreadsheets is obtained from Yahoo Finance , FinViz.com and other free websites. Data accuracy is not guaranteed by Ultimate Stock Finder. Be sure to do your own research to verify financial data and price/share before buying any stock or mutual fund.

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Pre-Screened Spreadsheets 'Short List' & 'Weekly Volatility'

Stock Evaluator 'Short List' screens for companies with excellent fundamental values

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Stock Evaluator 'Short List' Screening Criteria & Pre-Set Limits

Stock Evaluator 'Weekly Volatility' screens for stocks with high weekly volatility

Stock 'Weekly Volatility' Screened Spreadsheet

Mutual Fund Evaluator 'Short List' screens for mutual funds with excellent fundamental values

Mutual Fund 'Short List' for Computer

Mutual Fund 'Short List' Screening Criteria & Pre-Set Limits

Mutual Fund Evaluator 'Weekly Volatility' screens for funds with high weekly volatility

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